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What is Comprehensive Sexuality Education?


“Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) goes far beyond sex ed, and is a dangerous assault on the health and innocence of children…”  (American College of Pediatricians)

"Unlike traditional sex education, comprehensive sexuality education is highly explicit and promotes promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors to children as healthy and normal. CSE programs have an almost obsessive focus on teaching children how to obtain sexual pleasure in various ways. Yet, ironically, comprehensive sexuality education programs are anything but comprehensive as they fail to teach children about all of the emotional, psychological and physical health risks of promiscuous sexual activity.  The ultimate goal of CSE is to change the sexual and gender norms of is a 'rights-based' approach to sex education and promotes sexual rights to children at the expense of their sexual health.


Comprehensive sexuality education is usually disguised with innocuous sounding names like human rights education, gender equality education, or sexual and reproductive health education or information. CSE is typically taught to children at the youngest of ages, often without the knowledge or consent of their parents...and is heavily promoted at the UN and at national and state legislatures by paid lobbyists of multi-million dollar organizations and businesses (the most prominent being International Planned Parenthood) that profit from services they provide to young people and adults who are sexually active.

Advocates of comprehensive sexuality education programs claim that among other things, CSE programs will reduce teen pregnancy and STD infections and that they do not sexualize children.  However, as you explore the can judge for yourself if these claims are true or whether the exact opposite may be true. And remember, the health and innocence of our children are at stake." ( 



"What is the purpose of human sexuality? What is its role in human relationships and its connection to society’s stake in healthy families and communities? Is sex just about personal pleasure-seeking, or is it tied to higher values and a bigger vision that includes committed love and responsibility to one’s community? We think it is clear from mounting social science evidence that the goal of the sexual revolution—to break down all restrictions on sexual freedom—has carried a very high societal cost, including an epidemic of STIs, unwed pregnancies, fatherless families, and the many psychological repercussions of temporary sexual relationships.


Ultimately, in choosing an approach to sex education, the question we must answer is, 'What is truly in the best interest of children, families, communities, and society as a whole?' We think the best answer lies in programs that deal with students as whole persons—that foster their development of a future orientation, their respect for self and others, their self-control, their capacity to delay gratification, and their concern for the health and happiness of those persons whose lives they impact, including those with whom they become romantically involved and the children they may someday bring into the world."

(Stan E. Weed, Ph.D. The Institute for Research and Evaluation Thomas Lickona, Ph.D. Center for the 4th and 5th Rs (Respect and Responsibility) School of Education, State University of New York at Cortland)


Did you know the law states that curriculum must be unbiased and age appropriate?

Are you familiar with the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) that ALL school districts are subject to? Do you know what curriculum your school district has chosen to abide by these new laws?

Did you know that CSE programs have been courting school districts since the passage of CHYA?

Did you know that the writers of Oceanside’s new Sex Ed Curriculum, Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs) are a radical political activist group named Advocates for Youth (AFY)?

Please research and review and click on their affiliate links to find out more. Seeing is believing. Wording is intentional, specific, and deceptive.

Did you know the majority of people who look at the curriculum as a whole are against it being taught? They DO WANT A SEX ED PROGRAM that is age appropriate, medically accurate, unbiased, & doesn’t undermine parents. A curriculum that fits with the law.

Are you comfortable with AFY’s philosophy that your child has sexual rights from birth and OK with them being taught to your preschoolers and kindergarteners?

Did you know that in-class materials lead directly to a 400 term Sexual Glossary in 6th grade, including words banned by the FCC, and then suggest further websites that circumvent parent viewing?

Did you know that the future of our 18,000 OUSD children’s sex education program was decided by 9 people, and had no parents on the committee?

Did you know that parents have worked hard over the past year to get many inappropriate lessons removed or edited?

Did you know that a small handful of teachers are trying to reinstate the whole 3R’s program bringing back lessons that the school board agreed were not age appropriate? 

Do you know that most Oceanside teachers are against teaching this material to our kids? No other schools in North County are using 3Rs. Why should we be stuck with it? It is not the law to teach this before 7th grade!

Did you know there is nothing in place to prevent materials being added next year, or in following years? What happens when AFY revises the curriculum? There is no telling what might end up in the classroom.

Did you know that OUSD is counting how many families “Opt Out” as a gauge of how many families oppose it? Yet most parents are not even aware of its adoption and have not had time to research it in its entirety!?

OPT OUT! By even allowing your kids to hear just the tame lessons on bullying and respect you are telling OUSD that you are OK with Advocates for Youth as a whole. Help us continue to work with OUSD by opting kids out this year! Have your voice heard. Our kids deserve unbiased, age appropriate sex education.



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