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Yes, we do want age-appropriate, unbiased sexual health education! Our children deserve it, and it is the law.

As recognized by the law, it is the parents'  job to instill values in their children, imparting sensitive knowledge when deemed appropriate. It is the role of public education to support these values and offer unbiased, fact-based education, including sexual education,  in a climate of respect and integrity.


Public education administrators, political activists, and curriculum writers like Advocates for Youth, do not have the authority to deconstruct family values only to reconstruct a value system of their own design. 

“Rather than attempting to be “values-free,” Rights, Respect, Responsibility consciously embraces a set of values that are widely accepted in our society.”

(, RRR K-12 Sexuality Education Curriculum, Teacher’s Guide, 2015)

Most adults and parents, when shown the curriculum (and its online resources) in its entirety, disagree with the content, its age appropriateness, and do not agree that these are their values being represented.


California Ed Code Section 51934

(a) ”Each school district shall ensure that all pupils in grades 7 to 12…Each pupil shall receive this instruction at least once in junior high or middle school and at least once in high school”.

(b) A school district may provide comprehensive sexual health education or HIV prevention education consisting of age-appropriate instruction earlier than grade 7 using instructors trained in the appropriate course (age appropriate and medically accurate information).”


It is unlawful to adopt a curriculum that is biased, values-based, and politically aligned. In opposing this curriculum, we are defending all teachers' and parents' civil liberties, including those who champion this curriculum. There is simply no space for bias, one direction or another, in public education.

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