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We are the Concerned Parents and Residents of Oceanside.

We transcend boundaries of religion, politics, race, gender, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

We are motivated by love, not hatred, and desire to uphold that every human being is worthy of inclusion, kindness, and respect.

We are UNITED with parents and school districts across America by our belief that our children deserve unbiased health education, per the law, that teaches biology, not ideology, that guards the innocence of our children, promotes healthy choices and behaviors, is age appropriate, medically accurate, and reflects our families’ and community’s values.

We oppose the hypersexual ideologies and pornographic visual and mental images woven throughout Advocates for Youth’s extreme 3R’s curriculum and online resources aimed to “protect children’s sexual rights”.  This agenda teaches our children to research sex on the internet and unapologetically promotes pornographywhich is highly addictive and harmful. It grooms them for premature sexual interest, experimentation, and engagement, leading to the sexual objectification of our children. Tragically, we believe the sex program will lead to increased incidences of bullying, sexual harassment, child-on-child predation, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in our schools and community.

We value the ongoing communication with the OUSD school board members and acknowledge their efforts to revise the curriculum in response to community concern, but the core values and intentions of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) marketers like Advocates for Youth are inherent within and cannot be revised or edited out.

We understand the need to teach sexual education and simply want the district to step back and start over, partnering with parents in teaching our children age-appropriate information so they can make healthy sexual choices. The Advocates for Youth curriculum, and others like it, are just too much too soon for our kids. It is too graphic and too extreme, and must be replaced. After carefully reviewing the curriculum alongside the California Healthy Youth Act and relevant social science research, we can confirm there is overwhelming evidence that this sex program’s graphic lessons will be profoundly damaging to our kids.

Oceanside families want and deserve a health/sex-ed program that is age appropriate, evidenced-based, medically accurate, and abides by the law.

UPDATE: Curriculum is currently suspended for review, NOT CANCELLED, for grades K-7th & the ACLU is actively pressuring OUSD to resume lessons in Kindergarten. In Spring 2019, it was taught in 8th grade Science and High School Life Science & History classes.


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